Policy & Advocacy

We work closely with government, other key stakeholders, and through community-level advocacy frameworks to improve and sustain a legal and policy environment that supports women’s and girls’ access to PAC and contraceptive services. We work alongside partners to share evidence on safe PAC services and support policymakers to design health sector strategies tailored to have the most impact for each province. Our policy and advocacy achievements include:

  • Approval of Pakistan’s National Standards and Guidelines for UE and PAC
  • Adoption of Standards and Guidelines for UE and PAC by the Punjab and Sindh provincial governments.
  • The first-ever procurement by the Punjab government of 10 million misoprostol tablets and 5,000 manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) kits.
  • Inclusion of misoprostol and MVA for UE in Punjab’s and Sindh’s essential drug and equipment lists.
  • Inclusion of misoprostol for PAC in the National Essential Medicine List (NEML).

Karachi Declaration 2009:

Karachi declaration was signed by representatives of Ministries of Health and Population, Provincial Health and Population Welfare Departments, Government of AJ&K, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, donor agencies and development partners. Karachi Declaration is a historic pledge of Government and Partners to scale-up selected high impact Best Practices in MNCH-FP including Postabortion Care.