Health Systems

Abortion is healthcare

Reproductive justice are human rights.  No matter where women and girls in Pakistan live, they should have access to high quality safe abortion and contraceptive care. To strengthen pathways to abortion care, Ipas is providing technical support to public and private sector health facilities of Pakistan focusing all levels of healthcare facilities, we work on promoting safe and appropriate technologies for uterine evacuation and postabortion care (UE/PAC) and ensuring uptake of postabortion family planning. To expand coverage, we are tapping universal healthcare insurance schemes aimed to improve access for communities and women to high quality UE/PAC with almost zero out of pocket expenses.

Our health systems support package includes high quality competency based clinical trainings, regular support visits, periodic mentoring and networking sessions and equip facilities with essential PAC supplies. Building health care providers capacity to become master trainers’ is another ambition of Ipas and a component of sustainable abortion ecosystem, these mentors then build capacity of inhouse staff and peers on use of safe PAC technologies. We continued adapting to changing pandemic situations of COVID 19 and thriving to reach to the expectations of modern age wanting services at the doorstep, we partnered with Sehat Kahani to facilitate and ensure easy and expanded support to women and girls wanting tele abortion services in Pakistan.