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The Story of Akbar and Sakina

These are Akbar and Sakina. They have a cute little baby Ahmed and a lovely little daughter, Suraya. She is very intelligent and goes to a neighborhood school. They all live in a green village and Akbar works in a private company.

Akbar is a sensible man and consults his wife Sakina before doing anything. Akbar bought a motorbike with good savings from his income, making it convenient for him to travel between home and his work place. Akbar plans to enroll Suraya in a good private school so that Suraya can get a better education. Their future plans also include buying a cow so that the baby gets pure milk which is very important for their health.

Akbar and Sakina decided that they would have only two children with appropriate interval so that they could provide them with the best possible education and healthcare. This decision of birth spacing enabled Akbar and Sakina to buy many household items and also bought a motorbike.

Sakina wanted to buy a dish antenna so that her children can have access to satellite entertainment and informative channels such as cartoons. Akbar also wanted to install solar panels so that electricity bills and load shedding problems can be managed.

To make their dreams a reality, Akbar and Sakina approached the doctor for family planning counselling, who advised them to think of vasectomy, a permanent contraception method, which included a minor surgery for her husband. Through which unintended pregnancy can be prevented permanently. Because the two spouses had already decided together that they would have only 2 children and they had no desire to have any more children. That’s why vasectomy was the best option for them to prevent unintended pregnancy.

Akbar and Sakina have given enough thought to the doctor’s advice and finally they both agreed to have vasectomy done. During this process, Akbar will undergo a minor surgery so that he and his wife both will become mentally free from the risk of an unintentional pregnancy. As Ahmed is still young and is breastfeeding, so in case of an unintended pregnancy, it will be very difficult for both young children to be given attention and proper diet. Thus, the health of mother and both hildren will be compromised. Akbar wanted to focus his attention on providing his family with better access to all services, Akbar has decided that he should take time from his doctor this week and get the vasectomy operation soon. Not only does Akbar’s family prosper with Akbar’s wise plans and smart decisions, but his wife Sakina and both their children are enjoying a good health life. These are the qualities of a sensible and intelligent household head, it helps in thinking about improvements and protecting them from many future problems.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]